Transgender Blending In???

Yesterday, we had a very rare occurrence, someone knocked on our front door. Since I am retired and was the only one home, quickly I paused, because I was just wearing sweatpants and a long sweater top  Plus, I wasn't even wearing any makeup at all. Throwing caution to the wind, curiosity got the best of me and the decision was made to go ahead and answer the door.

I still have issues with thinking there are two of me and what if someone recognizes my old male self. Which is improbable since my appearance has changed so much and I live in a totally different town.

It turns out the woman at the door was some sort of sales person, because she said "Are you the lovely lady of the house?" I'm thinking no, not so much but stood in and listened to the rest of her pitch before telling her the house belonged to Liz.

The only thing I took from the adventure was, at least she didn't mis-pronoun me immediately, so the HRT hormones must be working. Maybe next time, I will at least be wearing a little bit of makeup.

Then I thought, the woman must be used to seeing other women dressed just like me when she knocks on their doors. I was just blending in. :)


  1. Dressing like that is what I call "BLANDING IN." I went grocery shopping this morning, and I'm sorry to say that I felt over-dressed, wearing skinny jeans, work-out jacket, and tennis shoes. I even saw two women in pajama bottoms! I don't know if these women stay that way all day, or if they just don't care what they look like when doing errands early in the morning. Maybe they go home and spend the afternoon getting all dolled up before their husbands come back from work. Remember that awful old sexist song, "Wives and Lovers?"

    It is very rare that I ever answer the doorbell. Of course, not that many years ago, I used to actually run and hide in the bathroom whenever I heard someone at the door, fearing they may see me "dressed up" if they should go around and peep through a window. And I would be all dressed up in those days, too! There was nothing ever comfortable about cross dressing - not in the choice of clothing, and not in the prospect of a confrontation. No makeup, sweat pants and a comfy sweater may be bland, but that look is more apt to blend than is looking like you're ready to go to a cocktail party in the middle of the day. :-)


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