Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Man in Black and SNL

We received a great thought provoking post from Pat concerning our Jason Aldean/Saturday Night Live recent show:

"While Petty's song "Don't Back Down" is the definitive version and Aldean did a great cover on SNL I am partial to the Johnny Cash version of the song. Very strong.

I do not think that SNL hits all the notes. They only hit those that are left wing. There was no mention about Harvey Weinstein's 30+ years of making young women victims of his depraved arrogance. This is the man that Meryl Streep called 'God'. This is the man that has given millions of dollars to the Democrat party including major gifts to Obama, the Clintons, Schumer, Queen Nancy, Gillibrand, Cuomo, etc. Perhaps one of the most powerful people out there and not a peep from SNL.

Connie raises good points. You cannot push on a string. You can only lead a horse to water...you cannot make them drink. You cannot legislate interpersonal feelings. People need to meet us and come to appreciate us as the people that we are. We cannot simply call all people haters like that in house attorney corporate VP for strategy at CBS did after the horrific shootings in Vegas by referring to a good part of the citizens as "Repugs"..short for repugnant and then saying she had no sympathy for the people killed at the concert because in her view they were mostly Republicans. It is attitudes like this from the left wing power elite that get regurgitated and spread around.

I follow lots of different news and it would seem but for the left following the Alinsky/Clinton/Obama playbook of calling those who do not support their power as haters the amount of hate in this country would be toned down. Just look back at the Democrat supporter who shot Steve Scalise and other Republicans at a baseball practice for the sole reason that they were Republicans. He was able to get of 70 rounds without an automatic weapon or bump stock.

My views

Pat, I don't think anyone would ever expect SNL to jump on the Republican bandwagon anytime soon. It would not surprise me to see them take on Harvey Weinstein soon though. As far as Johnny Cash goes, I agree most if not all of his music was strong!

No matter which side of the aisle you sympathize with, there is no room for comments such as the "CBS" VP made and I believe she lost her job over her ignorance.

As far as gun control goes, the only thing I have ever said consistently is, the crazies will always find a way to procure weapons. Just don't make it easier to do it! 

Thanks for the comment. 

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  1. I don't hate people, oppress or rape women, or speak out without thinking things through. Yet, it is very difficult for me to secure employment, along with the opportunities to advance myself to a position for which those "qualities" should be expected. Being a trans woman seems to be considered more egregious than hating, oppressing, and saying stupid things in this society.

    I used to do a pretty good impression of Johnny Cash, though, but I don't do it anymore as a woman. Well, there was a time when I sang something like this:

    I feel the strain a-comin',
    It's gettin' time to bend.
    I ain't been "Miss Sunshine,"
    Since I don't know when.
    But I'm stuck in my own prison,
    All dressed in drag alone.
    I feel the lonesome struggle,
    Weighed down with silicone.