Sunday, October 8, 2017

I Wont Back Down

For those of you who caught Saturday Night Live's opening last night, you would have heard Jason Aldeans'  cover of Tom Petty's song, "I Won't Back Down". As you most likely remember, Aldean was on the stage during the Las Vegas terrorist attack. It was a moving experience as once again, SNL didn't miss a beat with one of their better shows.

However, some of transgender women and trans men put our own spin to Petty's song, as we can never back down!

Recently, I received several comments on the subject and on our shrinking protections thanks to the current administration.

First from Connie: " longer enjoy such protections" is a loaded statement. At least I never really found an opportunity to "enjoy" much, if anything, in the way of protection when it was (presumably) there for me. There's nothing enjoyable about being turned down for a job with a made-up reason, so as to cover up the employer's own prejudice. In fact, it hurts. One gets over it by taking solace in the avoidance of working for someone who would only be tolerable, at best. Protection by law does not guarantee employment, and could even be a deterrent to it. I can understand an employer's hesitancy to become subjected to possible law suits, if not just the drama, that could come with a trans employee - even if they had no personal objection to that employee's gender identity and/or expression.

The greater harm that is caused by Sessions' removal of transgender protections in the workplace (and anywhere else he thinks he can get away with) is the general mood it creates. This administration perpetuates hate-mongering, and trans people seem to be a favorite target for them. At least, the prior protections allowed for some social acceptance of trans people to expand. Retracting any protections is like giving permission for the expression of hate. 

We are all supposed to have a larger protection - a protection to pursue our own happiness. Why some people think that being hateful leads to happiness is beyond me."

And from Stana about Petty himself and one of his videos:

Some say that the woman in his video for "You Don't Know How It Feels" ( is a transwoman. I was never able to confirm  it."

And yes, that was Stana from Femulate :)

Thanks, Ladies!

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