Thursday, July 27, 2017

Aim High and Work Back

I went to my transgender veteran support group yesterday and did get a chance to hear from the person who said she completed GRS on Medicare.

Questions here in Cyrsti's Condo ranged from how to total disbelief.

She said she found a doctor in Indianapolis, Indiana who would do the surgery and accepted Medicare and proceeded to jump through the hoops from there.

So, if you believe it or not, there was your answer!

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  1. Oh, come on, JJ. You must have also had a discussion regarding yesterday's big tweet! Do you have any concerns that, if the transgender ban were implemented, the "tremendous cost and burden" may also so be considered as such with veterans? Any reaction to the fact that trump visited your state to praise and honor the military heroes just after dismissing the value of 15,000 trans people who are currently serving?

    As far as Ms GRS is concerned, I am still wondering what the actual hoops were, and was it the doctor she found who helped her jump through them - or is there a prescribed protocol for pursuing GRS with Medicare? It's still puzzling, though, that she could find a doctor in Indianapolis to do GRS, but she can't go down to her local department store to get a free makeover at the cosmetics counter - rather than hoping for some government agency to pay for tutoring. We should be free to be women, but we can't expect to be made one for free.