Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Is Transgender Natural?

Yes! And trans women and men have been around since the beginning of time...or at least the ancient tribes.

More importantly, how do we get to the place where being trans feels natural to each of us. Of course I can only answer the question for myself.

I know from my earliest days of dawning dresses and makeup, I always knew deep down there had to be more. I called it losing my buzz and searching for what my soul was trying to tell me. Then ignoring it, which was the worst thing to do.

The difference was as I continued to experiment down my own version of a LGBT path, certain activities felt more natural than others. So natural in fact, I knew I couldn't live without them. No matter how many times I was going out cross dressed, it was never enough.

Some of the search was fun looking back on it, but even more seemed to be hell. The further I progressed though and I began to accept the fact I was indeed transgender, the more natural my life became.

My path lessons soon became my mantra I would tell others when asked. Follow your own paths and see if they become natural, even to the point of HRT. Which doesn't have to be permanent. I for one though would hate to live without my breasts, soft skin and hair. But I could if I had to because of health concerns.

So, I think it is a dis-service to any transgender woman or man to say it's not natural, because it is.

You just have to seek it out for yourself.

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