Sunday, June 18, 2017

Dad's Day

Every year here in Cyrsti's Condo, I try to remember my Dad on Father's Day. If you recall, he was a solid member of the "greatest generation" having lived through the Great Depression and World War II.

He never was one for emotion that my brother and I could see and rarely was too vocal in his feelings, but at the same time left no doubt how he felt.

As with my Mom, my feelings for him have mellowed over the years, as he was a great provider and dealt the best he could with the generational cards dealt to him. As it stood, his Dad passed away at a relatively old age in 1949 before I was born. So you can understand a little more where he was coming from.

He built his own house and pretty much was the stereotypical "self made man" which I guess is a fitting reference to me being a "self made woman."

Dad never had an inkling I think that I was transgender and many times I do wonder how he would have adjusted to it. Because, many times under a rough exterior. he was a complex man, simply a product of his times.

He was a weather man in the Army/Air force in WWII, but pursued a living as a banker after he was discharged.

Surprisingly enough, "Mr. Conservative" bought one of the first stereo's we could hear a train running from one speaker to another, and made sure we had a color television for the early broadcasts of Bonanza.

On the other hand, we went fishing in Canada the same place every year for more than a decade...for his vacation.

So Dad, more than you will ever know, I inherited your complexities coupled with Mom's spirit.

Thank you!  Your daughter Jessie.

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