Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Headed Back to The VA

Today is my transgender support group meeting at the Dayton, Ohio Veterans Hospital and a chance to wear my latest fave top. Nothing real exciting to write about, unless something happens at the meeting.

The top is a black tank with sort of a sparkly decoration and most importantly fits just well enough, I can wear it bra less and garner a little more attention without being totally trashy. Plus today, thank goodness, is supposed to be cooler (80 ish) and less humid, so the outfit should be totally comfortable for the drive up and meeting.

Also, I wore it last week around Liz and it didn't get rejected, so I guess it's OK.

Other than that, we continue to struggle with all the negatives associated with a parent (Liz's Dad) in hospice at the age of 91. Nothing ever good or rarely pleasant comes from any of that.

At the least, the situation makes life seem to be more cherished when you have your health.

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