Monday, May 22, 2017

She's Baaack...Kind Of

The laptop is back but as of yet, I have not got any internet connectivity yet. As it turns out, it has turned out to be the least of my problems.

So, in the meantime, I am sneaking a post in from Liz's computer.

During the course of the breakdown, Liz's 91 year old Dad, had a major set back or two and into an assisted care nursing home.  That in itself made our toilet debacle seem small in comparison.
Plus Liz's Dad has recovered a bit.

Now, during the middle of all of this, one of our toilets basically seemed to find time to self destruct beginning with a feed tube problem which has caused us to turn the water off for a couple days until a plumber can get a new toilet installed. As it turned out, repairs alone would have cost nearly what a new one cost.

Back in the day, I could have done it myself but found out the hard way, those days were long gone when I slipped on the wet bathroom floor and nearly hit my noggin (head) on the bathtub.  So, this afternoon, I will get to spend a fun filled afternoon with a plumber.

Perhaps by the time the day is up, we will be back to some sort of normalcy here in the house and I can be back on a more regular basis with all of you.

I can only say, attempting plumbling again wreaked havoc with my nail polish!

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