Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Girl Has to Have Choices...Right?

Wednesday is my first bone density test as ordered by one of my doctors. Seeing as how I am 67 and on estrogen, I need to see if I am getting enough calcium in my diet so my bones don't become brittle.

For the test, I have been directed to wear nothing with metal, including buttons and zippers. What came to mind was a couple different outfits I have with longer tops (to cover private bulges) and leggings. One is a gray and black theme, the other, a pastel top with bright clored leggings. Both of which would work well with my black flats.

I am even going to wear one of my sports bras who don't have any metal hooks either.

So I beleive I will cover all the rules and have some fun doing it.

So, another milestone in being a "more mature" transgender woman, will have been reached along with my mammograms.

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