Thursday, April 6, 2017

We Got Mail!

Paula Goodwin set in this comment to one of our transgender rest room posts: "I think I may have finally learnt to make three checks, that the seat is attached, down and clean and dry (I can't hover!), that there is a lock on the door, and paper on the roll."  (Especially if ou are going to Mardi Gras!)

And Jeni added:  I would say a FIFTH toilet, not third. (is needed)
Normally, the third toilet is the disabled persons one.
The fourth toilet to gain media coverage, has been the unisex ones, for civilized people. Not the utter cretinous slobs you describe here." 
I replied the fifth toilet could be a "Porta Potty" or an "Outhouse."

Connie sent in this DIY comment on my hair coloring post: "Transitioning doesn't come with instructions, although following instructions for things like coloring your hair, assembling IKEA furniture, or even recipes should be part of Transition 101. Not following the instructions is such a guy thing! Sometimes a girl has to learn the hard way, I guess. :-)"

Some of us have always had to learn the hard way I guess.  Similar to expecting your skin to be presentable if you don't take care of it, or that dress to fit if you don't watch your diet!

Thanks to all for your comments :)

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