Sunday, February 5, 2017

How Exhausting is It?

First of all, a big congratulations to Stana at Femulate  on her 10th anniversary as a Paula recently commented (thanks!) it is a huge task attempting to write a daily blog and stay relevant at all! By comparison I have been at it about five years and I sometimes can't imagine going ten! Way to go Stana!!!!!

Speaking of exhausting, I scanned a post recently about how exhausting it is being transgender. Well, it is for a number of reasons. First, your exterior appearance alone takes up quite a bit more time. All of the sudden the routine daily drag (no pun intended) of what you are presenting to the world takes a totally different spin. Unless you have the will power and finances, like me...I take a half hour to face the world.

An example was yesterday when we woke to a flat tire on one of the cars and I had to call my auto club for a free repair. He got here around nine and I was up much earlier to just get ready to face him in boots jeans and sweater.

Oddly enough, I used my trans privilege and received a nice coupon to take the car to the shop for a tire repair. The driver couldn't have been nicer.

Years ago, I was asked the question what kind of woman would I become? You regulars know I'm very casual externally but internally I think I am much like my Mom, who was for the most part hell on wheels. And, for that reason, I honored her by taking her name as my middle name.

Yes, it's been a long road from my initial scary steps as a girl so many years ago, but as exhausting as the trip had been at times (I wish I had the energy I wasted back) the exhilaration has been nearly as exciting.

Plus the trip isn't over yet. In many ways I still believe it is just beginning.

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