Monday, November 14, 2016

Cyrsti's Condo Monday Edition

Due to my continued ease of non access to a computer, I have decided to do a  Monday edition today which (obviously) will replace the Sunday Edition from yesterday. It's a bright chilly fall day here in Ohio, perfect for a hot cup o joe or tea! Let's get started.

Page One-The Week that Was or Wasn't: Of course the elections have come and gone and although I don't think anything is as bad or good as it seems, I still carry a fair amount of paranoia. At the least, the far right is mounting an effort already to repeal any rights we have gained as an LGBTQ community. I do wonder how many people protesting Trump in the streets actually voted when 47% of the populace didn't.

Page Two-Yesterday's Coffee: Other the scrambling for computer time, I was able to do a bit of succesful seasonal shopping. I did manage to find a wonderful pair of calf high charcoal grey boots in my size which fit perfectly! I wear an 11Wide, not exactly the most popular size in the world of women's shoes. Of course, such a nice pair of boots would have to have plenty of leggings to go with them, which I already had. What I didn't have though were long sweaters to complete my outfit. I also found one of those yesterday plus one I didn't know I had in an old closet. My goal is to have a couple sharp outfits to chose from for Liz's company party and New Years Eve.

Page Three-TDOR: Don't forget Transgender Day of Remembrance is coming up this Sunday, November 20th. I am helping with the greater Cincinnati event and don't think for a moment we all don't have worries about increased security. To run and hide at this point of my life would be the greatest injustice of all.

Page Four-the Back Page: There you go William! Thanks for asking about the Sunday Edition :).
With a little continued good fortune, I will be back in the internet saddle again on a regular basis soon.
Luv ya all!

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