To Scare or Impress?

As we continue our mini Halloween series of posts, one aspect we haven't really covered in depth is what you expect your costume to convey, or do you expect it to be a costume at all?

Years ago, I got all dolled up to hit the Halloween parties in town with my ex wife. I slutted it up with a short skirt and heels but evened the outfit out with a black top and beret. My goal was to cross the line into what a cis woman would wear to an event like these.

It worked to a point in the darkened rooms with all the normal stares all the way to a few roaming hands on my rear. I was feeling pretty good about everything until a guy in a full mask came up and said "I know who you are."

I said "Really?" who am I? He said my name and said he knew because I looked like my Mom. Ironically he was right and had grown up close to us on the rural road we lived on in Ohio.

So there are as many kinds of costumes as your imagination can come up with, or depending upon your looks you could try a famous person. An example is years ago I had a friend who was Sarah Palin look alike and easily could have won a costume contest ot two.

I also think many figure just because they can dress as a good or great looking woman and win a costume contest are rare. Imagination is required like doing Hillary for example.

The good thing is, the bewitching hour is coming closer and closer and what ever costume/outfit you decide upon, the most important fact is to just have fun!