Sunday, September 4, 2016

We Got Mail!

We received several great responses to our Sex Versus Gender Post (Thanks!).
The first is from JoannaS:

Hi Cyrsti I feel it's about personal choice and whether you are happy as you are. If your gender dysphoria is mitigated. Since you and I are gynephilic what would be gained? And yes people who aren't trans don't get it not sure that's going to change any time soon"

And from Mandy: "That's a tough one...getting the public to understand. And the ball appears to be rolling the wrong way right now. Not sure if the political mess will ever permit it to happen...

Just remember to vote in November..."

I agree!!!!!

And Connie:
I would say that a person's strong need (or even only a desire) to have a vagina can only be determined to be a good thing by the person herself. I agree that she must put much thought into how it may affect her current, as well as future, relationships - sexual or not. There is still much of sex that takes place between the ears (no, I'm not referring to the mouth), and it is impossible to completely separate gender from it. The scales of both sexual preference and gender identity fit together like a slide rule (if you're a nerd old enough to remember those), with an infinite number of combinations. As I said in my comment to your earlier post, sex (that which is only between my ears) would only be desirable for me now if I had had a vagina, and with another woman who desired me sexually with said vagina - as well as all of the rest of me.

 I don't need sex to live a meaningful life, however, and so I can reasonably expect that I will never have a sexual relation with anyone again. I'm not less of a woman because I have a penis, but I'm not a man just because I happen to have one; that's how I see myself. Only a very few others can see that, though. Furthermore, I wouldn't be more of a woman because I'd had my penis surgically altered into a vagina. Maybe a few others would understand me better if I did, but only because I would be moving myself along the binary scale with which they are more comfortable. This all goes toward what I've said many times before, that being the fact that we all have our own realities, and we draw conclusions of others based on that. It's funny, though, that our individual fantasies are derived from our individual realities. Now, that can be on a sliding scale, as well, but it can also be a slippery slope."

  • I have always thought cis women as well as men have some sort of sexual curiosity towards transgender women and trans men. Plus cis women don't have the tendency to be paranoiac about their sexuality as cis men. Which indeed can make for strange bed fellows or women!

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