Through the Wormhole

The Science Channel has just launched it's highly provocative series "Through the Worm Hole."

As luck would have it one of the shows examined gender, I mean really examined gender down to it's genetic basics.

I would imagine you can see it on the link above at some point, but at the mean time if you are transgender, inter-sexed or transsexual in any way this show means a lot.

To take it to it's most basic level (which even I can understand), we all are missing the proper sequence of just one or two genes which sends us to where we are now.

I came away wondering if the radical right bible thumpers who were watching (damn few) thought and would be scurrying to their pastor/priests for understanding. After all, who would be so sacrilegious to mess with God's genetic will for us?

Then again, I have a close friend (trans woman) who was raised in an alt right house hold who once told me the more they are faced with truth, the more they dig in their heels and resist.

Finally, I was fascinated with the show facing the idea that some day we all could be one gender. How would that fit with everyone's neat little gender plans that don't work?