Monday, September 19, 2016

Girl Packing

I have written several times concerning our (Liz and I's) upcoming six day vacation to Maine.

Those of you who are crossdressers, transgender women of any experience or one of the cis women (quit laughing!) who read the blog, know the outright challenge of packing for such an adventure. Especially when we are allowed only one suitcase and carry on bag. So no five suitcases girls.

To make matters worse, we are entirely sure yet of how the weather will change, as we cross into fall.

I am approaching the whole trip on the conservative side with clothes that will fit into a medium size suitcase and what I call my "heavy casual" wardrobe of jeans and tennis shoes designed for walking and browsing the shops.

Also, I am bringing my light weight long sleeved tops and maybe one sweater (if I can sneak it in) for the day we go whale watching. (Hope the whales know we are coming to watch and the Lobster Bake.)

All whining aside I can't wait to get started on this adventure!

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