Sunday, August 21, 2016

JJ's Sunday Edition

Ker Plunk! Welcome in to another Sunday Edition which is hitting your virtual front porch!

First the Weather...positively glorious here in Southwestern Ohio. Low humidity and highs around 80. Let's get a "cup o joe" (coffee) and get started.

Page One- The Week That Was-or Wasn't: As restroom battles continue to rage around the country and as transgender women try to figure out the proper etiquette to use an urinal in panties, it turns out our new trans girl Caitlin Jenner's show was cancelled for this season. If there was any true "realism" to Jenner's reality show, Jenner never got the true message about what being transgender is all about.

Page Two- Yesterday's Coffee-Opinion: Yesterday was a bittersweet day for me as I put some sad memories behind me and opened new horizons. On the way back from Columbus, Ohio we stopped at a place called "Thurmans" which is widely regarded as having the best one pound burgers in Columbus. This is a picture of my burger. In the past I could have easily eaten this, but yesterday I had to take half of it home with me. I guess I'm not the person I used to be :).

Page Three: The Back Page: Looking ahead into September it will be time to put together my packing for a vacation trip my partner Liz and I will be taking up to Maine.

I love leggings and big soft sweaters, so I will have to start digging mine out, plus Liz has promised my first trip to get my fingernails done in a salon (already had a pedicure once.)

Of course I may have to eat a Lobster!

Well kids, your violet haired Vixen (the name of the hair color I chose) needs to wrap this up and move along with this beautiful day.

Hope you are well and I love you all!

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