Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Shot to the Girls

One of the misconceptions I have always written about is the amount of pressure put on the development of breasts when one starts hormone replacement therapy. I know too, I shouldn't be real surprised when you look around society and see so many women transgender or not define their femininity by the size of their breasts.

However, HRT brings so much more to your life as I have written so many times. There are several ways estrogen can be administered, pill, patch or shot are the three I know of. Ironically, at my VA transgender support meeting yesterday most of us talked about the success or failure of using patches (mainly getting them to stay on-which I haven't had a problem.)

We also talked about a mutual acquaintance who for the longest time went over board in the unsupervised hormone world, which is a great way to hurt yourself.

For many of us though if can quote Shelle from her blog (who takes the shot), the estrogen brings life itself to her.

So you see, HRT is much more than "growing breasts". The process involves a whole mental and physical process that as Shelle alluded to becomes life itself for us.

Excuse me now, it's time to change out my patches.

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