Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Post Memorial Day

After the dust has settled and the  BBQ Sandwich bitch has packed her stuff to save for the next event, I thought Connie's comment was worth remembering: 

"I suppose that the main focus for Memorial Day was intended to be on those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving. We should also be remembering the countless numbers of those who served, only to end up experiencing long, painful deaths, either physically or emotionally. It especially breaks my heart when I hear of a veteran having had taken his or her own life as a means to end their pain. I can't believe that anyone who has experienced war first-hand could ever come away from it unscathed. Even preparing oneself for potential battle has got to be traumatic, I expect. All veterans deserve thanks, and you all have mine (and an occasional prayer, as well)"

I can speak from experience on the one friend I had who paid the ultimate price in Vietnam and the others whose lives were changed forever. Plus now we are selling arms to North Vietnam "just in case" China gets rowdy. Does that sound remotely similar to anyone?

As far as we transgender veterans go, the term "double edged sword" comes to mind as I know care is better as we understand PTSD and other problems better. At least it doesn't involve a total denial by the government such as the "Agent Orange" debacle.

Shelle thanks for your service!

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