This week is "poke and prod" week at the Veterans Administration for me so I may not be able to come up up with a couple new posts, so I might dig down in the ol' files and come up with a couple archived posts.

But first, I can't help but mention the political passing of Ted Cruz (although like any villain he never really goes away.) I was really pleased in the morning yesterday when I heard one of his television ads in Cincinnati compare Clinton/Trump to "two peas in a pod" because they "approve men using the women's room." What a jerk, certainly he doesn't really believe his own scary rhetoric, and it turned out maybe "The Donald" didn't either. Trump is probably the most surprised person in his room that he has gotten this far.

And Bobbie just passed this along on Facebook to me that Prez Obama is preparing some sort of anti hate speech. So never a dull moment as they say.