Monday, May 2, 2016

From New Zealand

Transwoman Dakota Hemmingson not so long ago, she had a better job – as a hairdresser at a barber’s shop in Auckland, New Zealand.
Dakota Hemmingson is has been a hair dresser for eight years and has recently started the transiting to a womanUnfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when she told her employer she wanted to fully transition to being a woman and was “forced out of her job” at Barkers Groom Room.
Ms Hemmingson took her fight to the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) claiming unjustified dismissal and has now been cleared to pursue a claim against her former employer, Matthew Swan.
The ERA judgment said she had received a letter prepared and signed by Mr Swan that said: “It would be in the best interests for both yourself and the business to end your employment with Mensworks and Barkers Groom Room effective immediately.”
I understand a picture is but a picture, but how many guys would mind having their hair cut by Dakota? Then again, she may make a lot of them the name "Barker's Groom Room?" Do you drop your dog off for a shave/cut while you are there?
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