Sunday, May 1, 2016

"JJ's" Sunday Edition

Ker Plunk! Listen up, another Sunday edition is hitting your front porch,

Weather report:  So far so good for the huge marathon here in Cincinnati (approx 40,000 peeps), but later on, storms return. I know, again, much of this country has seen it's share of nasty weather and we are sending out positive vibes to you!

Let's grab a "cup o joe" (coffee) or tea and get started,

Page One: the Week that Was or Wasn't: As I look back on the week, all I can say - it was tedious. Normally every morning my E-mail fill's up with at least 50 or so emails on the transgender LGBT restroom battle. All I can say is if any rational human being would stop and try to listen to us, we are not men using women's facilities. We are not the predators and I will leave it at that.

Page Two: Yesterday's Coffee: ChaChanges . Spring is the time to shake things up and move into a house from the Condo-so, here we are. Plus, as we were adding a new picture with shorter hair, I figured it would be just a good of time to put my new name in too. J.J. actually are my initials which my grandkids switched to from granddad. It works well for them so it works for me. Plus, I can line it up almost with "you can call me Ray or you can call me J!"

Page Three: Back Page: Well kids, lots to do today so it's going to be a short version. Remember I love you and thanks for stopping by! ...JJ

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