Monday, May 30, 2016

A Day on the Town

A couple comments on "The Bitch" post from regulars Mandy (first) and Connie:

"I wonder if maybe she didn't want to serve you, and upped the "price" by a couple dollars to encourage you to go elsewhere. If that was her thought process, it worked. 

Or maybe it was her real price, and she glared, hoping you'd go elsewhere. If that was her thought process, it also worked.

We'll never know what would have happened if you had bought from her. "Extra ingredients" in the sandwich - like too much seasoning? Pork from yesterday's burned batch? Or worse?

Could well be she's from one of the states stirring the pot on trans issues...probably best you walked away!


Thanks Mandy, I guess I was spoiled and hadn't seen that kind of hateful reaction from another human being (I think) in a while. Plus, we can only guess where the "too much seasoning" could have come from. 

And of course Connie said it best "And I thought being a transgender person was no real picnic...Go figure (or go show it off). ;)

Most importantly though (I think) she made her point and I made mine.

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