Rite of Passage?

Just returned from one of our group meetups this afternoon, and quickly was very much rendered speechles, which is difficult for me. Before we got started on a very interesting program, one of the other woman asked me if I had come to any decisions on what some of us had discussed. I just said what?

She said had I figured out anything I wanted the group to do to help me celebrate my gender passage from male to female, Actually, while I have had some ideas, life has gotten in the way and I have not given the idea much more thought.

I told her I was humbled about them caring and  please just surprise me, if they want to go through the effort. Also, I can't truthfully say enough how much their acceptance as a group has meant to me.

Basically what it has meant is, I have been added into and accepted by a group of 30 people or so who accept me completely for what I am. As I said, I can't say how appreciative and flattered I am.


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