Tuesday, April 5, 2016

An Incredible Idea

Yesterday when I got back from playing ping pong with my therapist (she wins everytime!) I received an email which (I paraphrase) asked me to be part of a artist collaboration of how contemporary Cincinnati women use their heads. The piece will be in response to a photo in the "Lloyd's archives of two women in the 1800's posing with baskets on their heads. (No cheap shots about my flat head!)

Regardless of flat, I have a problem on occasion of overthinking things to the point of missing the point all together.

I immediately wondered why me for a photo shoot/interview. Finally it came to me what the artist wanted, a different perspective on how a woman does use her head from one who has lived life from a gender fence. Sometimes finding a lofty view, sometimes getting buried in my own gutter.

I still feel HRT has been the big difference for me. The readjustment of gender hormones in my body has allowed me to find the feminine rainbow which I always knew existed but had such a difficult time fulfilling. 

Needless to say, I can't wait until next Thursday and in the meantime, it will be time to use my hair color and the free hair styling I won (to help the budget.)

Ideally, if the whole project gets accepted, it will be accepted at a bigger show in October.

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