Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I tried this post earlier this morning and it was deleted by mistake by me-as far as I know, into the far reaches of Al Gores internet.

For those of you who didn't see it. I have been asked to play every gender confused kids dream, Frank n Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show. That's good, right? Well not so much.

The whole invite comes at a time when I'm more than a bit tender about crossing any borders back into drag queen land.   Then again "Frank" maybe is so far into camp and out of drag queendom it won't matter and I am positively fearless on stage (or crazy.)

Plus, the group I am doing it for needs me to do it because, trans or not I don;t figure there are that many guys ready,willing and able to add a little mustard and take Frank on for the Halloween Ball.

At this point all the dots have not been connected for the evening but Liz has guaranteed me a great look and since the evening's proceeds go to charity, I am sure I can "rock the Sweet Transvestite from Transylvania."  If the dots are all connected - I will take some mustard with my onions. 

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