Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cyrsti's 's Condo Sunday Edition

Ker Plunk! Listen up! Another virtual edition of the "Condo" is hitting your front porch! The weather here in Cincinnati is a "balmy" 70 something with a light rain. A great day so far just to curl up in your jammies' with a cup o joe and enjoy the start to your Sunday!
Page One-The Week that Was - or Wasn't: Last week Caitlyn Jenner rejoined the fray where she left it, behind the eight ball. Very simply she stuck her chin out and stubbornly explained why she still insisted on supporting political candidates dead set against LGBTQ rights. On the local scene, I found out I needed to be scheduled for another colonoscopy. Regardless of the indignity of the procedure, the possible options are worse (colon cancer.) Plus, I look at it this way, this is the beginning of my "pretty,pretty princess" phase going full circle. "The Princess" is what my deceased wife called me when she was telling me I wasn't man enough to be a woman. It took a while to prove her wrong.
Page Two
 Yesterday's Coffee-Opinion-See How Easy that Was? Last night, Liz and I met a relatively new friend for a late lite dinner. Along the way the conversation changed from on line dating sites (Liz and I met on one four plus years ago) to pictures for it to my second book. Liz has access to some of my older "photo shopped" pix and showed one to our friend, who kind of gasped. (Positively I hope :)) I did jump in quickly to explain to her how I managed a picture like that years ago. First of all, the hair was a wig and the picture was taken at an angle in a mirror on my cell phone. Finally, I blurred it a bit more before going public with it. So there you go, I'm clean and what you see now is what anyone gets.

Page Three-Hormonal Update: Yesterday was a big day of sorts in that my estrogen patches were actually "re-upped" and I received my next three month supply through the mail. Since I have been back on them, my precious hair is coming back as well as other bodily changes such as sore breasts. Also "coming back" is my gray hair in time for spring/summer coloring. I am truly dangerous since I can do it myself! I'm thinking about going back to a lighter shade of red to reflect the "Celtic" past some say I have.

Page Four-The Back Page: Time to go! The dogs feel like they need a walk and together they are a "force!" Thanks for taking time to stop by Cyrsti's Condo, Love you All!!!

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