Friday, February 5, 2016

We Got Mail!

OK Kids, here we go...Pat, I hope you feel better!!!! Feeling as bad as you do can't be any fun at Connie's age.

Speaking of Connie, no I had no intention of even intimating how you dressed attracted whomever. It's just we have discussed several times over our past about finding ourselves around a group of embarrassing cross dressers out for a night on the town. I was referencing that somewhat. 

****Disclaimer time--being trans (or a cross dresser) does not give you a hall pass for being an idiot. Ask me, I have put myself in the wrong place at the wrong time (wearing the wrong outfit) and barely making my escape in my high heels. I think I have done everything wrong in the book at least once-except trying to glue silicone breast forms on my chest with silicone bathroom caulk from the hardware store-or trashing a women's room in a gay venue. (There were plenty of lesbians not too happy.) 

Paula!!!! Don't you think I would dearly love to have coffee with you in London! The problem is with my budget I would end up in London, Ohio (about 50 miles)

Connie, I do understand you may have one or two "coffee stands" in Seattle. Again I wish I had the cash to fly out and sample your fave "barista".

After all of that, I do appreciate all of your feedbacks. Sometime it's a lonely world here on this key board!

I will stand by my original theory though that the person who was going to meet me for coffee had a rarity-my phone number and she could have backed out easily at any time. That's the only reason I was aggravated. The last thing I would been was it was my dogs loved the extra walk they got. And, I would not cared if she said she would be meeting me "in drab."

I guess I'm not as mean as write!  

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