Tuesday, February 9, 2016

As Promised!

We all have ID's and increasingly so as Big Brother or Sister continues to look over our shoulders, and the way the world is becoming these days, it may not be all in all a bad deal. Plus, looking ahead, as the world continues to be increasingly interconnected, bar coded identification cards are the rule. At least here in Ohio, your drivers license is coded in so when and if you get pulled over by a cop, they get a head start. Also, now when I go to the Veteran's Administration, I need to scan my ID card at a kiosk, which is why it was a such a huge deal to get my name and gender changed over.
Who Dat?

I told you all I would show you (the best I could) all my non pertinent info on my new ID's  and for a little fun, I thought I would toss in the "before" picture of me which has been "hidden" on the blog for a while!

Sorry about the "camouflage" but you get the idea of why I repeated first grade so many times!

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