Thursday, February 18, 2016

Another One Bites the Dust

Today I packed up my three forms of formal identification and headed to my closest Social Security office.

I needed one form of picture identification (my driver's license). The original filed probate approval form and original Social Security Card. For once in my life I have been organized enough to keep a folder of all the official forms I have filled out and yet to be filled out on my gender marker odyssey. So compiling all of it was easy.

What wasn't so easy was waiting to be called. As I had said in a previous Cyrsti's Condo post, because of need for "original documentation" I didn't see anyway around NOT going in and sitting for two hours. 

Amazingly, I didn't and was out of there within an hour and should have my new Social Security Card within 10 days.

Maybe I am getting jaded to this gender marker process but maybe the biggest thrill today was when I got home and found my new registration to vote in the mail! 

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