Sunday, December 27, 2015

Why is a Transgender Person Like a Top?

First of all, do you know what a "top" is? Here is one definition: top is a toy designed to be spun rapidly on the ground, the motion of which causes it to remain precisely balanced on its tip because of inertia. Such toys have existed since antiquity (From Wikopedia).

Forget about the use of the word "toy" in this Cyrsti's Condo post and insert "Gyro" (seen to the left) If we can sync up our mental genders to our physical characteristics, then our internal gyro's are in sync. Of course, the opposite is true too.

I remember years ago, back in my "mirror worshiping" days, I would stare in the mirror any number of times or places just to catch a glimpse of the cross dressed me. The "ancient" pictorial example I am showing you.

I would look at the picture and in the mirror-head out the door and immediately get smirked at once I got out in the world.

My gyro was all messed up and it still happens today. 

Anymore though, I have been successful in keeping my gyro spinning fairly well by knowing where I am headed to with my external look. 

Starting with my hair, I am still learning how to get the products I use to give me the look I want-with the help of a hair dryer these days. I found out the hard way that without HRT, my hair would and could thin out the way I was brushing it. 

Moving down, my breasts have lost some plumpness (deflate-gate?) But, I am hoping when I start back on estrogen in a couple weeks, I will regain my losses. Body wise, my only other expectation for my wish list is to re-continue my skin softening an redistribution to the hips.

So, as you can read, I spend some effort in keeping my "gyro" spinning in sync. And, every once in a while I get it right. 

Advice? Use the mirror as a tool-not a voice. Dress to your strengths or/your soul-as a woman. Not what your male fantasy thinks it should be. And finally, no matter what Connie says this kind of Gyro is NOT a sandwich.

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