Saturday, December 26, 2015

Green Eggs and Trans Ham?

I hope you all had a festive and merry holiday yesterday and you were able to dodge the out of control weather which is sweeping the U.S and the UK to some extent also. Don't worry about that pesky global warming when the lawns in Ohio are turning green in December and the trees are trying to bud. As nice as no ice and snow around here is-or flooding (yet) or tornadoes (yet) I shudder to think what's coming.

Getting down to the subject matter, you may remember my post a couple days ago about being "mis gendered" at a local upscale meat chain store down the street. It was busy and a young cashier called me "sir." I pretty much have had it these days with instances such that and wheeled on her - asked her what she called me-then called her on it and left.

Later, when I got home, I looked for the omni present coupon/survey companies have on their sales terminal tapes. Example? A free bee or discount on a future purchase. I found the coupon info and filled out the obvious-at least one of their employee's may need a dose of sensitivity training when they are faced with dealing with a transgender guest in their store. It's not 'neat' or humorous and totally serious to the trans person - totally.

Of course the manager sympathized with me  and asked if I caught the name of the cashier? I said no I didn't and I knew the store was very busy and I didn't want anything but for the crew to know I knew and stop it.

The next transgender person after me may not be so understanding and I didn't think his store would want to be known for hiring transphobic employees.

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