Another Trans Vet Center Opens!

From NPR:  "A Veterans Affairs hospital in Tucson, Ariz., is expanding treatment to a previously under-served faction of the armed services: transgender veterans.
It's one of the first VA hospitals in the country to open a clinic devoted exclusively to trans vets.

Now, more than 130 transgender veterans are receiving treatment at the Tucson VA. Due to the high demand for these services, the women's clinic at the hospital is now devoting one day a month to the expansion of care for transgender veterans.
"We have been flooded with phone calls since we've announced that the clinic will be opening — patients from all over wanting to know about it, to be able to take advantage of this opportunity," says Sonia Perez-Padilla, the women's clinic director. She's now also in charge of the transgender clinic, which includes a psychologist, social workers, clinical pharmacists and a therapist."
If you are a transgender vet. and you haven't had much experience in the system (V.A)- I think much is determined about where you are and how big your hospital is.
My belief is going forward, our future with approved procedures up to and including SRS will be tied into what happens with our active trans military brothers and sisters.
I have already heard them bitching  about the cost. But, when you consider all the other money the 'govnment' wastes in a couple hours, it's not much of an argument.
 Plus, I don't think I am going out on too thin of a limb when I am thinking all the changes better take place before any of those certain 'Repub' candidates happen to get elected.
Just 'guessin'