Thursday, November 19, 2015

What You See is Not What you Get?

I have read people determine gender on others very quickly. Thus,most think it is/was incumbent for us as crossdressers/transgender women to look the part of our non birth gender-to the point of obsession with some.

For some reason, Connie's friend who claims to be a crossdresser on HRT fits into this post. First of all, let me point out-most assuredly Connie's CD friend is not the first to follow the hormonal route to look more feminine. In fact, I had an acquaintance years ago whom I am a firm believer followed the narcissistic feminine route all the way to the SRS table. 

Again, not a problem.To each her own. 

These days (and in this post!) I am even going to give the much maligned (by me) Caitlin Jenner some props. What she does for me is when I am out in the world and get read as a transgender woman, all of a sudden that is not such an evil thing. Not that Jenner deserves all the credit.

I have my personal theory of how people perceive me breaks down something like this: The greatest majority of no perception at all. Like most people, I could just as well be in another dimension. Then, there are those who see me as feminine, but at a different level. Which is where the fun starts -sometimes. Truthfully, these days, most are positively fascinated or entranced. I love eye contact these days!

They know they are getting what they see. A transgender woman. Plus they still think we are pretty rare. 

Finally, also very cool are the times I get to meet the same persons more than once-even if it is just to say hello. They begin to see me less as some sort of hologram and more of a person. It's all good until I open my mouth and jabber something crazy.

Having written all of that, my next post of course will center in on my selfish holiday wish gift list!

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