Such a Day?

"Back in the day" just thinking about getting up at five in the morning was pretty much like this: either I was getting in at five from working or partying. We called it the "Butt Crack" of dawn.

I have had two "Butt Cracks" in a row the last couple days- I guess you could come up with some sort of an side name for me as a super "Butt Crack." Connie will fill in the blanks I'm sure.

This morning I left the house about "7 ish" for the hour or so trip to my clinic. As today was my second of two back to back "visit with the vampires."

My first stop is always to get my regular "lab blood tests" taken. Then, I head over to Hematology to have another of my "pints" removed(for my body to replace.)

When I arrived this morning, I got started with a "bang" as I sat in my first waiting room when a guy walked through and started hollering "Hi!" at me. I knew it was me he was referring to because there were only three of us in the room.

I thought, well either I look really good-or really bad. Or, I wanted the medication he was on. 

From there I always have to walk nearly the distance of the hospital for my other appointment. Going early does make this part of my visit much easier because the VA hospital I go to is much quieter at that hour and I can relax a bit more before more of my blood is taken and I don't have to encounter more peeps.

Before I knew it though, My "Butt Crack Date With the Vampires" was over-with good news.

It turns out my nasty blood levels have dropped dramatically and I don't have to go back for a couple weeks.

Maybe my "friend" will still be there to greet me!!!