Called in to Transgender Counsel?

Yesterday when I went to my endocrinologist appt at the VA, it was no surprise when he had yet another resident "doctor in training" tagging along.

I sort of felt sorry for the resident in that my Doc was traveling about 200 miles an hour. It was obvious he was trying to catch up a bit when he said "Cyrsti, this is my resident today, Nate." Then said "Nate" had never seen a transgender patient before, so here was a chance to ask questions. 

Well. both of us were taken back immediately. Poor Nate didn't know how to start and for once neither did I. About that time though, my Doc turned around and called me a "he" and I told Nate "mis-pronouning" a trans patient was a major way to screw up. In all fairness to my Doc, he normally does really well. 

I went on to relate the extremely ugly time when a resident at another of my doctors was all too interested in my sexuality - rather than why I was on HRT.

Finally, Nate asked if I had ever been asked to speak to a medical class. Interestingly, no, but two or three 20 something residents I have encountered have asked me the same question. Since Laverne Cox spoke at the medical school they attend (last winter) I'm sure my credentials don't match up.

But with me (at the least) you can't beat the price! (Free)