Tuesday, October 6, 2015

20 Words?

Before I get into this post on coming up with 20 words to describe "femaleness", I want to thank Connie for pointing out I was going through "transgender menopause" (since I have been off my hormones.) I prefer to think of the process as "follow the bouncing hormones" and feel sorry for Liz!

Now, back to the 20 words. I came up with 23 actually and ran out of space. Without boring you with all of them, of course I came up with the nurturing, love type words but then had to come right back with mean,petty,vain and bitchy. Femaleness to me is the height of connecting with the Momma Earth during her good times and bad. 

I've had the majority of the women I have come across accept me with a certain curiosity but then had more than I can say who wanted to harm me with a glance. 

Of course I had to add in all the physical words femaleness means to me. Soft,curves,smooth,hair and movement come to mind.

Just coming up with the 20 reinforced with me the good and bad of the transgender path I have taken.  As we know, women are multi layered critters.

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