Thursday, September 17, 2015

What REALLY Matters

Recently I read a post from Paula Goodwin. She was writing about how she feels a certain strong "bonding and friendship" with a few peeps on the web. Even though she has never met.

I feel the same way for a couple reasons.  One of which is those you who I share an almost an unreal transgender bond. The second is a how much empathetic feedback I get on certain items-which makes the small stuff-well, the small stuff.

These comments came from Connie and Shelle on the Cyrsti's Condo post "It Seems Kind of Cruel."

First Connie: "Cyrsti, So sorry. I was praying that you wouldn't have to take this step, and that they'd be able to get your condition under control by other means. Of course, I want you to get better, but maybe they'll discover that the estrogen was not a contributor after a few months. And maybe, as Liz alluded to, you will find that the hormones were far less important to your transition than you might have thought. At least you've had four years to develop your softer side, and I'd be disappointed only if you should return to the cynical asshole I knew you to be before. :-) I will continue to pray for you."

Thanks Connie! I can use all the prayers you send my way and Liz said it was her-not HRT that brought out the softer side :)

Next Shelle: "Dearest Cyrsti
I'm so sorry to hear about your,having to go off your HRT,It's very hard for anyone who has never experienced the real help,hormone therapy makes for ,I'm certain you will miss it.
Can you at least continue with the androgen blocker?
Anyway my thoughts will be with you going forward.
Hugzz Shell"

Shell, I can continue with my androgen blockers thanks.

One thing for sure, you two helped me to understand what really matters out here in our little transgender woman tribe! Your comments meant a lot!

Luv ya both :)

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