Friday, September 18, 2015

Transgender Veteran Care

I try to pride myself in passing out praise as much as I am negative. Which I have to admit has been tough lately...but infinitely doable. Especially yesterday at my latest Veterans Administration appointment. 

I'm up now to giving regular blood labs first and then going over to hematology to give a pint. Hopefully if this works, I will only be scheduled for two to four more.

The reason I am writing this post is, I simply can't believe how nice they all are to me. I was greeted as "Ms" Hart and pronouned correctly all the way.

Hopefully, they all are just treating me so well because I trans-not because of my illness!!!!

Whatever the reason, I plan on carrying the theme on through into my speaking engagement tonight.

The bottom line is, the world does not have to accept or understand us any further than knowing we didn't have a choice with any of this- Transgender, gay, lesbian or whatever.

What we do have a choice in though, is how the world treats us.  Kristin Beck said it again yesterday: (I paraphrase) If we (trans women and men) aren't trying to kill ourselves-we are trying to do it ourselves in record numbers. Tragic.

Ending this post on a positive note, I am fairly sure no one from the Dayton, Ohio VA hospital reads Cyrsti's Condo-but if you do-THANKS!!!

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