Hey! I Know Him!!

With all that has been happening in my life recently, what went for a routine has been dumped into my "porcelain receptacle" (toilet.)

Imagine my surprise though the other day when I was exploring my main email account and I saw a post about Ohio. After I opened it, the story was a feature about an old friend of mine. 

To the left is "Drake" who is one of the few transgender men I have ever known and in fact even bitched about the same endocrinologist together years ago.

Here is a just a touch of his story from the Piqua (Ohio) Daily Call:  Draco said he was always a tomboy growing up, palling around with his dad, going fishing, and tinkering with cars.
“Looking back, my father always treated me more like my brothers than he ever did my sister,” he said. “Growing up, I had the GI Joes, the Evil Knievel with the motorcycle and all that stuff. I tended to gravitate more toward traditional boy toys, but I never really thought about it.”
Draco said for his parent’s 25th wedding anniversary, at age 9, he remembers being dressed in an ugly, uncomfortable, royal blue polyester dress for the occasion. His cousin’s husband told him he looked pretty.
“And I said, ‘Yeah, but I’m actually a boy,” he said. “My mother brought that up later on. But I didn’t remember it until that time. Now I remember it clearly.”

Unfortunately, over the recent years, increasing distances and other factors have kept us apart. I remember him looking at me more than once like I had three eyes - after one of my clueless trans man ideas.
I'm sure he knew though, I had a hard time finding glasses for three eyed peeps! Follow the link for more.