Sunday, September 6, 2015

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Kerplunk! Welcome to another Sunday edition. Our Labor Day issue and an abbreviated one to be sure. As happens often, Labor Day around here often is "smokin" with more than the neighborhood grills in the area. It's hot and humid, so a big cup of "iced joe" is in order for this morning.

Page One-The Week That Was-or Wasn't: I am going to be selfish and mention the week was mostly all about me. Thursday was absolutely huge for me. I began treatment for my "PCT" at the VA Hospital I go to. They are taking a unit of blood out of me every two weeks for awhile to get my iron in under control in my system. The good news is, they don't think my liver or heart has sustained any damaged. I have been quiet as a person like me can be, but no one yet has mentioned the effects of my HRT. However, my endocrinologist appointment is coming up the first of October. I am sure he will have something to say. 

Page Two: What a Crazy BITCH! Thursday was also the day I proved I still had it- I pissed off the crazy woman (cat lady-sis in law) enough to kick me out. She said the magic words "why don't you get out and move full time to Liz's." Well, she made Liz the happiest woman in southwestern Ohio. She has wanted me down here full time for literally years. As luck  would have it, I have the old place up in Springfield squared away enough to finally sell anyway. Timing is everything. I did forget to mention she miss pronoun-ed four times alone in two hours at the veterans hospital. The entire medical staff bends over backward to treat me with respect-except her.

Page Three: "Spin Move": Yesterday, after a very large and hot day at the grocery store, we were shopping for dinner. At the produce department we passed an older (than me) woman who looked at me once, twice and was preparing to make it three times. I had had enough and just turned abruptly to look at her. She was startled, maybe a little embarrassed (I hope) and quickly looked down. 

Page Four: The Back Page: Last week provided at least one closing of a chapter in my life which always opens another. I will post about all of it the best I can in the near future. In the meantime, THE Ohio State Buckeyes open their season tomorrow night and I have a scheduled small speaking spot coming up fairly quick in September. 

Got to go! Luv ya all!!! thanks for stopping by Cyrsti's Condo!!!        

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