Monday, July 27, 2015

"Mix and Match" Weekend

To all of you (and Shelle lles) who haven't gone the pedi route - it was fun- Even after going through the increasingly normal "passive aggressive" transgender reaction I'm getting used to in the world. Example?  I don't have much belief in "coincidence" but somehow out of six "technicians" two were male and I got one of them. To my knowledge, no one said anything mean about me, but then again I couldn't have understood them if they did. During the relatively quick process though, I'm relatively certain half of the shop walked by and gave me the famous quick side glance. Anymore I just try to catch them in the act and embarrass them.

It was all good though, Liz has been going to this shop for years, I love my toes and we tipped cash. From there we went ahead and went out for some lite dinner.

Through the whole dinner experience, I was able to be free and relaxed. The clientele was youngish and relativity upscale. The "ladies" word was used with us as freely as the names of the "craft beers" on tap!

However,  the rest of the weekend would provide me with several more opportunities to sample the "world's wares." As Liz says being with me may be exhausting-but it is never boring!

Stay tuned!!!

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