Monday, July 13, 2015

Didn't Your Mom Raise You Better?

Sunday afternoon (yesterday) Liz and I went to her neighborhood large chain drug store to pick up a prescription for her and items for her Dad. I can make an excuse and say I wasn't having my best day with all the heat and humidy, a bum knee and various other "old person" ailments. But, it was going to get worse-for somebody else.

At any rate I followed Liz through the sliding doors and had enough time to look up and ahead of me at this 40 something woman almost peeing down her leg elbowing her husband in the side to notice me. I don't know if she ever got his attention after I started glaring her down.

I just kept staring at her until I had fully walked by and after the first "pee down her leg" moment, she only made the briefest of eye contact with me. The fortunate part was I didn't tell Liz until she had left the store and I asked her (Liz) "didn't she think it was sort of strange so many store employee's had "happened" to make their way to the front door to say goodbye? 

She said no-why? Then I told her the story of the rude woman who obviously had to share her "secret" to the crew. It did surprise me though, the crew did respond like that because we go in there quite a bit.  The crew though was not mean and since they were 20 somethings- for the most part- are fascinated to transgender women and men.

So, Liz wanted to go find the woman- NO! The rude woman was introduced to a "not so sweet" trans woman and the crew was treated to a more interesting afternoon! 

I felt better!

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