Friday, July 24, 2015

Cyrsti's Condo Virgin Toes?

Tomorrow night I will go through another feminine "rite of passage" of sorts. As always, I am a little late for the party but I will make it none the less. (I hope!!!)

Liz and I are going on a mini "girl's night out"  complete with a pedicure. We can't do the classic "mani-pedi" because my hands are still healing from whatever has ravaged them. Tuesday, I have an appointment with yet another doctor. This time a dermatologist. 

The last couple of summers, I have developed an affinity for wearing sandals/flipflops. At the same time I have been able to perfect an amateur pedicure of sorts. But, never the real deal.

My problem is of course I am highly worried about the perception of my "less than dainty" feet. Liz simply says my feet are certainly not small but proportioned well. She has always pointed out (often) size has less to do with passing privilege as proportion- One reason for the need for quality padding around the hips for most of us to offset our shoulders. And, another mistake overzealous beginning cross dressers make when they over compensate immediately in the "boob" department.

As always, I digress and I have been directed to "prep" tonight and at least shave my legs from the knees down (really?) Plus, I have been researching the number of women I see who do not have exactly fashion model feet, so I won't be as shy about mine. 

So I believe tomorrow night will be one of those feminine rights of passage similar to my first visit to a salon to get my hair done. I am excited and at least Liz will be with me so I shouldn't get lost.

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