Friday, June 19, 2015

While My Blog Gently Weeps

Everytime I write one of these posts, I fervently hope it will be my last.  

The older I get now it seems the world has turned on it's end-again. First came the tragedy of the racially motivated attack in South Carolina. I was a "tweener" when the real impact of the Civil Rights movement took effect in the 60's.  While I am not naive enough to think racism was ever dead and buried in our country, I was fond of telling my grandkids of how their great grandmother went to local Klan meetings in a horse drawn wagon-and now we have a biracial president. 

Then, this morning a Cincinnati policeman was shot and killed on duty.

I wish I could pretend I was smart or powerful enough to even suggest ways to end this madness.  And, I have not even mentioned the issue of gun control.

I still think the somewhat "romantic" idea of a "gun in every house" because we (America) are a youngish country is still alive. After all that is the only reason the Germans or Japanese didn't attack in World War II! was we were armed. Finally, toss in all the meth heads or heroin addicts with automatic weapons and a good time will be had by all! 

What I do propose is, ALL of the nearly 20 candidates who are running for president need to not be allowed to steer the issues away from the basics.

Stop bitching about gay marriage and transgender rights and get to work on fixing what's broken. Before it's too late.

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