Wednesday, June 10, 2015

First You Procrastinate-Then You Shave It

OK, I am an excellent procrastinator. Why work on something ahead of time until you can put it off till later? Right??? And yes, more than a little of leading this transgender woman life takes a little more upkeep, Well, a lot more.

No more procrastination- summer has hit with a passion here in Ohio, with 90 degree heat and humidity to match. I literally and figurally was not ready with my legs. I normally always wear some sort of jeans and getting rowdy for me is putting on a pair of capri's. Plus I never wear hot panty hose. So I kept procrastinating getting my legs in summer condition. Tanned and smooth-with no fuzz of course (plus, I am not going to get into foot care now!

As I was considering the heat waves ahead, I thought I had never really owned a pair of women's shorts. Since now I can wear tank tops, shorts may be a way to go this summer.

I have two big time problems: quite the coat of "fuzz" on my legs and under the fuzz, my skin resembles "Casper the Ghost." Which, presents another problem. My arms have tanned evenly and better than I ever thought possible, I have diligently used a mix of a mild tanning lotion, the sun itself and sun tan lotions.  My legs are going to have to run fast to catch up. Without the fuzz.

Damn procrastination! Feels like I am back in college pulling "all nighters" before exams!

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