Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Do Pictures Really Tell a Thousand Words?

The worst that can come out of the Caitlin Jenner blow out is if how many people's first thought is "Wow! She is gorgeous."

Very few pause to think Jenner had/has the benefit of the very best of the Hollywood glamour mill.

Then, even more "civilians" are not aware how precious "passing privilege" is to most of us. We just don't have the resources to jump in and do what Jenner did.

How Caitlin Jenner can be an Olympic star again is-is to never let the world know how difficult the rest of the transgender world has it. Certainly, she doesn't have to worry about which rest room she uses only for being trans. Her celeb status will take care of that.

Caitlin will have to remember her roots-no much how coloring she uses. If she doesn't-most of of this hoopla will remain just that-hoopla.

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