Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Good Questions

One of the few Image/Beauty sites I subscribe to is Ginger Burr's Total Image Consultants.  I have always enjoyed her site because it speaks to me in so many ways.

Example? How about these:

  1. What would you say to your 20 year old self?
  2. The key's to feeling "Authentically Beautiful"
  3. And- Who taught you how to dress?
Of course Ginger Burr most likely will never know how close this information comes to the hearts of me and transgender women and cross dressers everywhere. Even, maybe more so than the average "generic woman." Here is why.

Number one.-I would say to me to "get it over with" jump off the gender cliff and transition. Build my life and never look back. 

Number two is HUGE if any of us are going to obtain the most "passing privilege" we can find. After all, we have to work so much harder to earn our place in the feminine world. Primarily by looking like we aren't trying. I have always said in my case, when my hair grew long enough I could shed my wigs, my authenticity went up too.

Number three ties in nicely with two. Our problem is WE taught ourselves how to dress. We didn't have the benefit of having a gaggle of girlfriends to talk clothes with or a Mom to critique us. Plus, in many cases, we have to "jump" age brackets. Meaning, not dressing like a teen girl when we are in our 40's or not blending into society by wearing 4" heels to shop in the produce section at my supermarket. Finally, years ago, the problem I had with women in my life was they wanted to "create me in their image." Sure I made mistakes but finally ended up with my own personal style.

Ginger Burr's site is but one of many many places available on line now where we can all go for ideas on working with our best features. Most certainly trans women and cross dressers occupy a unique spot between the binary genders. You know though, if we pay attention and don't get discouraged, the "hot" seat becomes much "cooler."

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