Timing is Everything

This morning, I saw the publicity and the expectant battle of words for this years embattled Michigan Womyn's Festival.  Remember, this event is famous for it's continuing attempt to exclude transgender women This morning though, (before I could start my rant) I read the 40th Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, to be held this August, will be the last, its founder announced today. 

From the Advocate.com:
"The storied women-only event, first held in 1976, has been the subject of controversy in recent years because of its exclusion of transgender women, with many artists and organizations deciding to boycott. 
Founder and organizer Lisa Vogel (left) gave no reason for ending the fest, however, in a Facebook post announcing the decision."
Bluntly, another group of bigots are fading away. Hopefully not to replaced by more like the Loki Meetup Group (Lesbian) in the Cincinnati, Ohio area (who excluded me).
It's sad they are so narrow minded but if you read all of the Advocate story, you will see why change is coming-one way or another.