Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Less IS More!

Among all glitz and glam of cross dressers and trans girls on the internet, every once in a while - I do find a story and picture of what I call a real transition. I featured Alana not long ago here in Cyrsti's Condo in a post called "Going Commando". She replied with more background I thought you all may be interested in!

Wow. Thanks for featuring my photo, There's quite a background story to this picture, taken at 3am. I'd had a 2hr session of electrolysis just before my salon visit. I highly recommend splurging on a good hair salon, even if the visits aren't as frequent, the results speak for themselves. I've been practicing the "natural" look, which doesn't mean not using makeup. In fact I've got foundation, a touch of blush, mascara, three color eyes shadow, thin line MAC eye liner on the upper eyelid, and powder applied to my forehead, nose, and chin, Finally, I'm using a ballerina pink Sephora lip stick, which is very subtle and nearly matches my natural lip color. 

After my salon visit, I went to a transgender support group, had a great time hanging out with our tribe. Finally, I have to admit that I'm weeks away from beginning HRT. I guess my body was already primed to be female, in spite of the pipes. 

Love your blog.

Thanks Alana! I think sometimes the point is lost on most - buying the most expensive cosmetics does not necessarily equate to being more attractive. Example? My sister in law last night was bugging me about not having "puffy" eyes like she has. I suggested genetics but then went on to tell her about using a touch of Olive Oil mixed in with my moisturizer/wrinkle cream. Thanks Liz!!!! 

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